• Image of In Rivers (2016) - Limited Edition Green 12" Vinyl

After a superbly successful crowdfunding campaign through the MUSICRAISER platform, we were able to get a LIMITED EDITION pressing of my 2015 EP 'In Rivers' made and out to all contributors and now to YOU!

With EXCLUSIVE "Fabulously Creepy" artwork from JSP Photography and recorded with Phoenix Castle Studio, 'In Rivers' is a collection of tracks from my later repertoire and has a much more mellow, thought-provoking and personal vibe than the studio pop-rock sensibilities of 'LETTER/DIARY'.

1. Jimmy Struck Gold - Feat. Dave Smale
2. Dog Tales Will Do
3. The Remedy
4. Beneath The Burning Moon- Feat. Jenny Craven

All rights reserved. Copyright Tom Craven 2008-2016.